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Bethesda House is a community-focused, private, not-for-profit organization. 
Therefore, we depend on our friends - individuals, corporations, and foundations
for support of the work we are doing.
This relationship has reciprocity, as we provide services for the community which empowers us.

Volunteer Group
Donating Money
Take a stand. Help a friend. Make a difference.
You can make a big impact even if you're unable to volunteer time or donate money or resources.
We suggest the below options. 

Lobby for legislation 

Contact your Legislative and Congressional representatives to encourage them to address domestic violence by increasing support for victims through legislation which trains law enforcement officers to respond more quickly and effectively, as well as funding programs to help abusers come to terms with their actions and behavior, ultimately making families healthier and communities safer. 

Be aware

Be aware that the glamorization of violence in the media affects cultural norms.


Minimize the exposure of your children and loved ones to such images.


Discuss the glamorization of violence in your family

Take a stand

If you know a batterer, make him or her aware that this behavior is unacceptable and that assault, even in one's home, is a criminal offense.


Help is available for those who want to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their partners.

Bethesda House staff can provide information and resources for how to safely have this conversation.


Provide information, such as the National Hotline number (1.800.799.7233), for anyone you know who may be experiencing domestic violence.

If someone needing help is within Alabama, provide the number for the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence 



While many pandemic restrictions have eased somewhat, the fact that we are a small shelter with limited capacity to isolate infected individuals has encouraged us to continue to employ various preventive measures in order to protect the Bethesda House community.  Find out more.

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