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Donation Boxes

Donation Wish List

We have a number of things we always need and some big-ticket items that would really help the mission of the shelter. 


  • Organic potting soil in bags

  • Bags of peat moss

  • Bags of garden soil 

  • Mulch and/or pine straw


  • Electric sanders (with sand paper attachments)

  • Chop saw or circular saw

  • Gift cards for paint/other materials 

Misc Items

  • Light bulbs (eco-friendly 75 watts)

  • Bedside table with a drawer (height of 27+ in)

  • Gasoline gift cards

  • Hammock frame 

  • A shed (any size)

  • Lawn mower (push mower)

  • Tiller 

Grocery Shopping


  • Sugar

  • Cold-brew tea

  • Coffee

  • Bacon / Sausage

  • Butter

  • Cheese

Check out our donation shop 

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