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Covid-19 Thoughts Part II - Why Wear a Pesky Mask During a Pandemic?

“The Love Mask”

The Bethesda House community operates from the premise that love is foundational for all of our actions. We believe that love not only heals, it protects. In recent months there has been much confusion around mask-wearing in the wake of COVID-19. What has emerged, however, is the message that masks should be worn by all when in public as a way of protecting each other. What a concept! Self-protection is marginal for mask-wearers, as they are still vulnerable to all of the droplets emitted from the people around them. If we all wear masks, there are substantially fewer droplets; therefore, the risk of coming in contact with the virus in public is also greatly reduced.

We further understand that many, many people are already infected by coronavirus, the virus which causes COVID-19, but are completely unaware. These individuals are likely infecting those they encounter. This is where love has to live.

We Bethesda House folks fancy ourselves as people who love much. We strive to live in a loving way toward everyone we meet. So, we have dubbed our face coverings “Love Masks.” Like most of what we do, we love in secret. No one who meets us would know we are spreading love instead of coronavirus-filled droplets. It is our way of protecting the community that has so graciously and generously supported and loved us.

What about it? Where’s your love mask? We think that viewing the mask from the position of loving protection for others actually makes the masks easier to wear – kind of mind over matter – or perhaps love over lamentation?

- Dr. Alison Jackson-Wood, Executive Director

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